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The core features of our user-friendly application with a great design

The Case Management Module provides an avenue for all contacts, cases and information to be centrally organized so one can access them quickly and easily wherever and whenever they are needed.

The Time & Billing Solution allows for clear definition and management of matters, creation and assigning of time and cost entries to them, and quick generation and printing of invoices relative to the work that has been completed.

With our amazing automated time tracking features that automatically capture how users spend every minute spent working on their PCs, NEXTCounsel also makes it very easy for lawyers to ensure all billable hours are accounted and billed for.

The NEXTDocument Module allows firms to create and manage a set of uniform modules for retention, security, classification, search, retrieval and automatic notification of ever changing content. The benefits of such a system become more evident in the ever-changing landscape of business where non-compliance may mean loss of time revenue and personal liability for corporate officers.

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NEXTCounsel System is not a one-time deployment that will perfectly align everyone and every process overnight. It creates a framework for the entire firm to operate as a more cohesive and consistent organization. And over time, the system will mature to become an indispensable tool for partners, associates and staff in their daily work.

By consolidating all the firms’ information into one master system, law firms gain control over their transactions. When case information is centralized into an identifiable master system, the firm is in a much better position to manage the lifecycle of client records and institute a workable retention policy on those records.

With NEXTCounsel time will no longer be wasted hunting for information because all the firms’ contacts and case information is centrally organized so they can be accessed quickly and easily wherever and whenever they are needed.

The Time & Billing solution allows users to clearly define and manage matters, create and assign time and cost entries to them, and quickly generate and print invoices relative to the work that has been completed.

Tracking hours on tasks is an important part of any business's bottom line. NEXTCounsel makes it very easy for every member of the team to ensure all billable hours are accounted and billed for.

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With amazing automated time tracking features that automatically captures how users spend every minute working on their PC, NEXTCounsel will ensure that every billable hour on a matter gets invoiced for. No more missed hours, no more lost revenue.

Whether your law office consists of a solo practitioner or is a large law firm, NEXTCounsel provides the tools necessary to manage matters efficiently, thus decreasing delays and increasing accountability and productivity. With NEXTCounsel, your law firms’ effectiveness will be increased!


Check out the applications’ key features

The software modules include but are not limited to the following;

Case Manager
  • Client & Contact Information
  • Matter Information
    • Matter milestones
    • Progress note and team management
    • Matter access permission and audit trails
  • Matter summary report
  • Court Updates
Billing Manager
  • Task Management - Task scheduling, assignment & status
  • Time Management
    • Intelligent time tracking – tracks everything you do your PC
    • Timesheet Calendar
    • Budget by timesheet
    • Comprehensive Reports – by clients, persons, projects, practice areas.
  • Bill Management
    • Multi-currency billing option
    • Various payment type – Lump sum, Hourly rate, milestones etc.
    • Invoice Templates
    • Generate bills from Time & Expense entries
    • Income & Expense manager
    • Dashboard & Analytical reports
Document Manager
  • Microsoft Office Suite integration
    • Auto-save (all users) document to central repository
    • Auto-save time entry for document activities
    • Document versioning & publishing
    • Open document on central repository directly from MS Word
    • Right-click document or folder to send to central repository
  • Document profiling & assembling - Multi-level folder structure
  • OCR Full-text indexing & search
  • Define user permission to workspaces, folders, and documents
  • Concurrency control for collaboration with internal and external users
  • Document history/audit trail and User activity reporting
  • Charts of Accounts
  • Journal Entries, Receive & Pay Money
  • Account Receivables & Payables
  • Operating & Trust Accounting
  • Budgeting
  • Reports – Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, General Ledger etc.
Human Resource Information Systems
  • Employee Information System
    • Self-service
    • Career development plan
  • Performance Manager
    • KRAs & KPIs
    • Performance appraisal & history chart
  • Leave Manager
    • Entitlement setting
    • Request, approval & Notifications
  • Fund Requisition Manager
    • Request, approval & retirement
    • Comprehensive Reports – by clients, persons, projects etc.
  • Salary Manager - Pay group & pay slips
  • Training Manager – Schedule, feedback, notification