There are two ways to know NextCounsel, one way is as a company, and the other is as a product.


Gbadebo Ojikutu and Samson Adegunle established the company in 2017 and began as co-founders. As of 2017, many law firms did not automate. The only significant legal technology was a law reporting platform. At the same time, large enterprise law firms were opting for legal technology outside the country, which cost a fortune.


So, the project and responsibility of automating legal processes began. The brand’s idea was to provide a practice management solution for law firms, so they released the flagship product called NextCounsel.


Now, NextCounsel has three products, and the mission has changed from automating law firms to providing technology that helps power the legal sector.



Our Products

We offer two products that address lawyers from either spectrum of legal practice. One product provides real-time automation for law firms, while the other addresses the challenge faced by in-house legal counsels working within corporations.

See below:


NextCounsel: NextCounsel offers a cloud-based application to manage client intake, CRM, Matter management, time tracking and billing, document management, people management, and so much more.


This application is an enterprise-based software that promotes productivity, ensures data retention, and increases profit by 70%.


nextPLOS: This product allows in-house legal counsels the flexibility to work, collaborate and monitor engagements with external solicitors. nextPLOS operates hybrid storage –  cloud or servers.


This application offers its users an agreement management platform. It supervises the lifecycle of contracts within the organization and, most importantly, a company secretary application for all secretarial duties.


Why choose us

Our Pricing 

Each product has its unique pricing metrics.


For NextCounsel, we charge a fee per user license per month. The license fee covers the payment for the use of the application and support while using the application. This fee is recurring.


At the start of implementation, we charge an execution fee on a percentage basis. This charge falls between 10% and 15% of the actual license fee, and it is a one-time payment.


Regarding nextPLOS, the payment is a corporate licensing fee

Investment and returns. The amount charged will depend on the package of purchase. The aspect that fits most into your processes will make the purchase decision for you. We have the starter, professional, and Enterprise deals.

An implementation fee is required, similar to that of NextCounsel.


Our Support

We understand the challenges of getting new software and the hassles of change management. These challenges are why we offer real-time support to all users. There is always a support team member ready and available to answer your questions.



Our system requirement document is an internal regulation that applies to all our clients and client hopefuls — Law firms and in-house counsels.


First, we do not want our users to experience challenging encounters while using our products.


Secondly, this document is the easiest way to confirm if our company is a good fit. You might be willing to make a purchase, but your internal structure might not have the capacity to have software like ours. A situation like this will make it harder for users to realize the full benefit of the application.


What are these system requirements? 

  1. System type: 64-bit Operating System
  2. Installed memory (RAM): Minimum of 4GB
  3. OS: Windows 8 upwards
  4. Processor: Minimum of core i3
  5. Administrative username and password for installation if need be
  6. Good internet
  7. OS – Windows Server 2012 or greater
  8. RAM – Minimum 8GB
  9. HDD- 1TB or greater.


Here is why you need us 

Linking your law firm or internal process with any NextCounsel application benefits the organization and the individuals who work there. The result can be highlighted in four simple steps.

  • Step 1: Purchase either NextCounsel or nextPLOS
  • Step 2: Input all data needed to automate fully
  • Step 3: Realize the benefit of productivity and efficiency, which results in more gain
  • Step 4: Workers become less stressed and can work remotely from anywhere in the world


Please send us a message at @nextcounsel on Twitter or Instagram if you have further questions. You can connect with us on LinkedIn here.







  1. Adewale Fajana

    May 27, 2023

    Hello, Please can you advice on the costs of NextCOunsel and NExtPlos. I need to advise my clients by 2pm today. Let me know the fixed and usage costs applicable. Also provide a contact number for your Abuja reresentatives. Thank you Adewale 08039523662

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