When it comes to legal technology, there are barely any integrated management solutions for the in-house legal counsels of organisations, unlike the law firms that have quite a lot of options to choose from, but that changes now with nextPLOS.

NextCounsel, Africa’s leading integrated management solution, has launched nextPLOS, a collaboration solution for in-house counsels, legal advisors, external solicitors, and company secretaries to manage their activities and optimise processes.

What is nextPLOS?

nextPLOS is a central management tool for the legal department’s internal processes — cases, workflow activities, meetings, and agreements. Organisations carry out several legal activities either by an in-house solicitor or an external solicitor on matters ranging from internal contractual documentation to partnership agreements with external parties, court cases, industry legal processes, etc. NextPLOS solution helps to quickly sort, track and manage both ongoing and concluded legal activities in an organisation.

This application is suitable for any organisation with a legal department, e.g., insurance companies, Financial institutions, Telecommunications organisations, etc.

How exactly does nextPLOS work?

There are three major components of the nextPLOS that ensures the legal team are effective and productive.

The Case Manager helps to monitor all existing case information. The case manager improves team collaboration, improves document organisation and helps manager deadlines. It allows the legal unit to work from anywhere while coordinating communication and easy retrieval of documents and information. Business decisions are backed with data reports generated for the system through financial tracking done by the system.

The Agreement Manager monitors the lifecycle of an agreement. As most contracts originate from the legal department, this application allows you to initiate, request, draft and approve created agreements. It also provides seamless templates to make drafting agreements easier for the legal unit.

The Meetings Manager understands the agenda of a meeting, manage schedules, conduct polls, manage attendance, and disseminate the meeting agenda to every participant. The meetings manager provides an increased sense of security during meetings. It aids with collaboration, synchronises information and provides updates in real-time. It simplifies note-taking and improves participation during remote meetings with features like polls, agenda etc. Last, the meeting manager offers an environment of paperless meetings.

Why Should Your Organization Use nextPLOS?

Aside from being user-friendly, nextPLOS facilitates and manage tasks among remote users or within the organisation.

  • Using nextPLOS will enable you to stay on top of deadlines and events with the calendaring system.
  • It increases your corporate governance through the collaboration of all levels of management.
  • A workflow matrix to drive periodic events
  • It enhances the standardisation of the agreement process.
  • Streamline meeting procedures and align management goals.
  • Automatic distribution of Meeting Minutes and Tasks.
  • Consolidates organisation-wide data, analyses and provides for easy retrieval
  • Generates all kinds of reports on case information
  • Provides smooth communication and information accuracy with external solicitors by making available the external solicitors portal and a brief watcher portal
  • Takes responsibility for agreement lifecycle in the organisation
  • Generates insights on all contractual information in the firm
  • Provision of agreement templates and placeholders for easy and efficient drafting of agreements
  • Ability to conduct polls during a meeting
  • Enforces company-wide or departmental compliance and corporate governance
  • Standardises legal department workflows to reduce risk, assign tasks to appropriate staff and improve productivity
  • A high level of integration with standard corporate tools, such as productivity and collaboration platforms like Office 365, SharePoint etc.
  • Since contract management is such a critical and proportionately large part of the in-lawyers legal function, the Agreement Manager works seamlessly with the case manager.

How Can You Get a Demo?

If you’d like a demo or would like to learn more about how the nextPLOS solution can benefit your organisation, make an enquiry by sending an email to hello@nextcounsel.com

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