Mofe Tayo Oyetibo

Customer Spotlight: Mofe Tayo-Oyetibo

We had a conversation with the founder of Twelve Legal. We talked about Legal automation, the current state of technology in the legal sector, and his thoughts on cloud-based legal software. Hi, can you tell us a bit about yourself? I am a legal practitioner and the Managing Counsel of the law Firm Twelve Legal. […]

All about nextPLOS and who should be using it.

All about nextPLOS and who should be using it

When it comes to legal technology, there are barely any integrated management solutions for the in-house legal counsels of organisations, unlike the law firms that have quite a lot of options to choose from, but that changes now with nextPLOS. NextCounsel, Africa’s leading integrated management solution, has launched nextPLOS, a collaboration solution for in-house counsels, […]

4 Time Management Tips for Legal Practitioner

For many legal practitioners, the job is very demanding. The expectation of 8–12 hours of work is not out of the ordinary. The legal industry is proliferating, and constant demands from clients and partners can have you working around the clock. The reality is that good organization and time management skills are crucial elements of […]

How law firms can improve productivity using NextCounsel

For a law firm looking for ways to improve productivity and maximize profit, the NextCounsel practice management solution is the most reasonable and affordable IT solution applied to legal firms to achieve this purpose. With law firms and subsequently lawyers, time is money and time management is of utmost importance. The key to increasing productivity […]