For a law firm looking for ways to improve productivity and maximize profit, the NextCounsel practice management solution is the most reasonable and affordable IT solution applied to legal firms to achieve this purpose.
With law firms and subsequently lawyers, time is money and time management is of utmost importance. The key to increasing productivity and effectiveness is to work smart, and because of this, technology is in existence to make our lives easier- case-in-point, our technology.
There are simple ways to make work easier for lawyers. NextCounsel has taken the initiative to automate all these processes end-to-end to reduce the use of paper, back and forth communication and enable stakeholders to run the entire firm with just a few clicks.
How do we achieve this? Simple! With our modules:
1. Case Management: With the NextCounsel system, the entire process from onboarding a new client through to conflict check, client information and matter information recording are done with our system without leaving your seat. Imagine the amount of time saved while taking on a new client/matter! This entire process is done in just a few minutes as our system helps you focus on efficient productivity, and if this isn’t the best thing to happen to the law practice in recent years, I don’t know what is.
2. Time and Billing Management: Lawyers are of value by their time, and because of this, every second of time must be accounted for, and our team at NextCounsel Limited have devised a way to take care of this with our Time and Billing Module. The software comes with an automated time tracker that tracks everything being done on your work computer. This way, every minute can be assigned to a client and a matter and this way, you get paid for every second you work! Also, for lump sum situations, you can estimate how much to bill a client on a case because you have an idea of how much time would be spent on the job and how much would be realized if you were to bill hourly.
3. Document Management: Leaving the law firm for a quick second, we all have that colleague no one finds when their attention is needed. Getting a document from them becomes an arduous task that would not add to productivity but rather waste time. NextDocument solves all these issues and more. With this comprehensive document management system, working simultaneously on a document is assured while security and storage of documents are taken care of.
Lawyers need to review their organizational procedures to determine how to increase their revenue and improve cash flow. The best way is by using the NextCounsel application, which is built specifically for this purpose. The result would be greater efficiency and profit.
These are some of the modules and ways our NextCounsel Practice Management Solution help in making sure productivity is achieved in the law firm. Stay tuned to our page to know more about our Financial Module and HR Modules.

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