Case Manager

Our case management module is a central repository for all client and matter data. You can actively track cases, matters, court updates, tasks and progress notes.

It ensures every detail is captured, making it easy to access and manage your firm from anywhere. Minimize paperwork, assign tasks, communicate easily, access files anywhere and anytime.

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Healthier Information & Role management - Define roles and permissions to matters, clients and documents.

Never miss a court date with the nextcounsel application.

Get the official summary of proceedings of a case with our docketing system.

Manage your team effectively, Complement and remove a team member with a click.

Get an overview of all client information from a single dashboard.

Generate Knowledge repository for Cases and Precedents.

Stay on top of deadlines, with our efficient calendaring system.

Easily organize contact details, document with one click.

Make reporting easier by generating reports using the application.

Case Manager Features

Nextcounsel case manager enables you to create, manage, track, organize and assign cases/matters to the respective individuals handling them accordingly in the law firm.