Client Relationship Management

NextCounsel CRM software is the one-stop solution for your business development. It is your gateway to increased sales and healthier pipelines.

At our core, Nextcounsel CRM software helps you in building lasting relationships with customers from the inception until they become converted clients.

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Improved management of leads and opportunities from identification to client onboarding

Single view showing all interactions with a lead and the business development stage.

Ability to create/develop visualizations that enhances decision making, quantify KPIs, and make data-driven decisions

Comprehensive data driven sales analysis for future comparisons, with sales analytics

With Lead scoring, optimize your sales process by identifying customers that are most likely to convert

View statistics in a highly visual, engaging perspective using adaptable reports and dashboards. Export available for presentation purposes

CRM Features

Working with customers and creating or developing new opportunities can be a challenging task. Keeping up with contacts, correctly diagnosing problems and ensuring satisfaction as well as positive interactions can also be a tedious task however, our case & client relationship manager is built and enabled to allow automated onboarding between our Client relationship manager through the phases of business development and client execution.

Our CRM with the help of leading marketing practices helps with documenting new leads/opportunities, manage them with a holistic pipeline tool.