Time &
Billing Manager.

Our time and billing application help law firms and lawyers with proper organization, planning and most importantly keying accurate time entries for client’s job which result in the most accurate billing.

The revolutionary Time Management Application has taken more work off the hands of counsels, this enables them to channel time into more productive activities. In essence, lawyers are required to focus more on actual work rather than on the processes surrounding work. The Nextcounsel time application popularly known as NextTime enables time entries to be automated and 100x less cumbersome.

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Automated time entry and recording to drive compliance and ensure every billable minute is captured.

Overview of your income and expenses with the analytical reports and Dashboard & Quick access to practice group financial data, accurate budget allocation

Enhanced staff utilization and workforce management

Plan and schedule your task, have an overview of the number of tasks assigned and task you have equally assigned to others

Have an overview of time entries for each day, month and year

Multi-currency billing option and several payment options preexisting on the system

Notification to lawyers on Debit Note & Bill Generation for all related matters/Clients

Generate several invoice templates. Input your preferred invoice template

Making informed cost and time decisions from historical data

Time & Billing Manager Features

With this NextTime and billing application, lawyers can confidently boast of accounting and billing accordingly for every second spent on a transaction.

The time and billing solution eliminate the unnecessary processes surrounding billing clients, invoicing and payment processes. The time and billing aspect of the solution ensures that all working hours are accounted for and differentiated as either billable or non-billable.