The NextCounsel platform has considerably helped with the administrative part of my work as a lawyer - Time-keeping, expense-tracking, billing and invoicing have been easier. It truly is a lawyer’s helpmate.

"Impressed with master class support of the team and really look forward for the future.Really, really well made! Love that each component is handmade and customised. Great Work!"

IT personnel (Punuka Attorneys) The flexibility of the system is very unique, the technical support we get is unparalleled, I guess it's because the system is Nigerian made.

The fund request aspect of the system has automated our requests processes in the firm. We have a major increase in accountability the process is just seamless.

The system is very adaptable to our in-house processes, the Client relationship management software has the potential to cultivate and sustain remarkable relationships with clients. The NextCounsel team is readily available to provide support and the prospect of what is to come is amazing

I can now easily prepare bill in different currencies with the multi-currency option including our own Naira, Awesome!