Marketing refers to the activities of a company associated with buying, advertising, distributing or selling a product or service. Marketing is practised in organizations worldwide; it is how companies make revenue to ensure the sustainability of their organizations; law firms are no different.
Businesses are also customers; hence, methodologies differ in how they offer/receive services. Business to business marketing, popularly known as B2B, is marketing products/services to businesses or other organizations rather than customers or individuals. Law firms engage in business-to-business (B2B) marketing and business-to-customer (B2C) marketing to offer services and build clientele.

The methodology involved in marketing in a b2b transaction is quite different from a B2C transaction. There is unique information required to convince a B2B client why they should engage in a service you offer.

Firms have a responsibility to understand how to market a B2B differently than a B2C by figuring the unique needs of their practice while yielding better results from marketing endeavours.
Decisions in the B2B marketplace are logical and void of emotions. B2B markets are attracted to the specific features of services rendered, including return on investment, quality management, and longevity. In a B2B transaction, the level of investment is stereotypically higher, which makes conversion slower, and the sales process can be more intricate.

Here are a few things you should know about B2B Marketing;

1. B2B marketing is usually more expensive. Law firms offer their services to businesses with larger budgets, unlike individuals who may have a limited income, i.e., law firms represent big organizations.

2. The B2B service agreement takes a long time with a lot of complexities. When businesses decide to hire a law firm, it is a commitment.

3. B2B marketing has a lot of processes involved. Committing to hiring a law firm might involve several decision-makers on the board of directors. This cause a delay which in turn results in a lower conversion rate.

4. In B2B Marketing; Interpersonal relationships, quality of interactions with prospects and communication, play a vital role in the sales conversion and the possibility of a returning client.

5. The best form of marketing in a B2B marketplace is a recommendation/referral.

B2B marketing is one of the oldest forms of marketing, and it has successfully maintained relevance over the years. While this method takes a longer time, it has proven to be a successful method of marketing.

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