All about nextPLOS and who should be using it.

All about nextPLOS and who should be using it

When it comes to legal technology, there are barely any integrated management solutions for the in-house legal counsels of organisations, unlike the law firms that have quite a lot of options to choose from, but that changes now with nextPLOS. NextCounsel, Africa’s leading integrated management solution, has launched nextPLOS, a collaboration solution for in-house counsels, […]

Legal Musings for the Decade

I remember the media influencing me subtly. It was a Public Hearing from the Oputa Panel (the Human Rights Violation Investigation Commission of Nigeria) televised live that year. Oaths were being sworn, lawyers in suits and politicians in native attires filled the seats. I also had seen some court scenes with Lawyers in black robes and […]

4 Time Management Tips for Legal Practitioner

For many legal practitioners, the job is very demanding. The expectation of 8–12 hours of work is not out of the ordinary. The legal industry is proliferating, and constant demands from clients and partners can have you working around the clock. The reality is that good organization and time management skills are crucial elements of […]

How To attract clients to your law firm.

Stakeholders in the legal business practice are constantly in need to expand their business operations. The competition amongst firms remains high. Prospective clients have options to choose from, which cannot be said for law firms or lawyers. There are ways to position a firm for growth. How do you position yourself to be the first […]

NextCounsel January Roundup 2020

In 2020, our customers remain our topmost priority, and we are constantly evolving our services to support their entire user experience. We launched our very anticipated NextCounsel version 4.0, and it has been received with several reviews, but most importantly, it fixes the issues lawyers faced with the previous version. This January, we have focused […]

NextCounsel is on a mission to automate the legal Industry In Africa.

Technology has taken the world by storm this past decade by transforming existing industries and creating new ones. The legal industry is one of the oldest industries in the world, experiencing a technology deficit. The industry has taken its time moving into the technological era, unlike other industries. However, there are law firms that have […]

Three Legal Technology Trends to Look Out for in 2019

The year 2018 was filled with emerging new technologies worldwide and across all industries, including the Legal sectors. Law firms in Africa are following the suite of their European counterparts, and they are open to the idea of cloud-based solutions that enables practical work leading to a more substantial output. In 2019, here are some […]

Five Easy Ways to Improve Team Communication in Your Firm.

In an ideal environment/ firm, communication between employees or team members should be open, friendly and professional. Imagine an environment where all key team members are informed of their roles and tasks. Employees would feel comfortable asking questions, and team leads would be encouraged to give answers in a polite, kind and promptly; work would […]

B2B marketing for law firms

Marketing refers to the activities of a company associated with buying, advertising, distributing or selling a product or service. Marketing is practised in organizations worldwide; it is how companies make revenue to ensure the sustainability of their organizations; law firms are no different. Businesses are also customers; hence, methodologies differ in how they offer/receive services. […]

How law firms can improve productivity using NextCounsel

For a law firm looking for ways to improve productivity and maximize profit, the NextCounsel practice management solution is the most reasonable and affordable IT solution applied to legal firms to achieve this purpose. With law firms and subsequently lawyers, time is money and time management is of utmost importance. The key to increasing productivity […]