Understandably, surveys pop out of nowhere for you to participate in, and although they might require less than five minutes of your time, they can be considered an inconvenience. However, if you have a minute to give us some feedback, it genuinely goes a long way towards ensuring we are building products that fit your purpose. 

So, why survey? 

A survey is an industry-standard way to collect feedback from our existing clients, potential users and generally people interested in making technology better in this part of the world. Questions like “How likely are you to recommend our company to someone?

We collect feedback throughout the research, development and customer lifecycle. 

We send surveys periodically via emails or newsletters and crave your indulgence to participate in them. 

Ratings & comments

We ask you to rate your likelihood to recommend us to friends and colleagues. These numerical ratings serve as our self-appraisal, so be honest. 

We’ll then ask if you would like to add a line or two to explain what you love or how you think we could do better. Some of this feedback is added to our roadmap, and if, after careful consideration, you see it in the next update, we will be happy to hear from you again. 

Taking action

At this juncture,

✔️ We’ve asked you for feedback

✔️ You’ve taken time out of your day to give us feedback

Now, it’s our responsibility to make sure that feedback gets put to good use.

First, we analyse these ratings, understand where we are, not where we think we are, and follow up.

For example, feedback regarding our existing product will always get to the design team and make it. Feedback regarding a potential new product will reach the product team on clients’ expectations. This is how our teams know where they can do better to ensure we continue to improve the NextCounsel experience for our customers.

So that’s it for now.

Thanks for your help ?


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